These notes describe the Long Term archive space for previous work and group members. We have 2Tb of space divided in to 4 stores:



Paper archive. I propose the following layout. We have a top directory called paper_archive, inside that each paper that the group produces has it's own directory named what a plain english meaningful name. In paper_archive we additionally include a README that gives a full, clear description of each directory, with paper title and references.

Each paper's dir is then named with this scheme /archive0/paper_archive/MEANINGFUL_DIRECTORY_NAME_FOR_PAPER

The contents of this directory should include a final copy of the submitted paper, any supplementary material which backs up the paper and should be made available for any external request. In this directory there should be a README that describes what all the files and directories are. Any large datasets or files should likely be zipped/tarred, although the readable/final version of the paper might be better left accessible.


There is now an example of the NAR server paper in archive0
This lists the paper directories, with a brief description and the reference

This file details what files/data for the paper has been archived.


Old user & projects archive. I (Dan B.) propose that this is used to house old users directories/materials are we've gone through assorted machines and users' materials. Possible place for old projects too (e.g. Anna's all uniprot GenTHREADER). Again the top directory should have a README that explains which user the directory is from and what is in it. And then each subdirectory should have its own README that explicitly describes the contents.


(Temporary) recovery files from catastrophic events.



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