Cluster Setup#

Submission host (morecambe)#

Cluster hardware

Machines #

We currently have 3 different specs of machine:

Machines Spec Queue Number of nodes Number of sge slots
gere dual 700MHz processors with up to 700MG RAM slow.q, all.q
buffy dual 1.2MHz processors with up to 1.2G RAM all.q 80 (2 down) 160
fast buffy dual core duo 2.66 GHz Xeon processors with 8G RAM fast.q@buffy, all.q 6 24


There are 3 queues currently set up and soon to be 4

  1. all.q contains all nodes and is the default queue accessed when a job is submitted
  2. fast.q just the new fast dual core duo 2.6 Ghz xeon machines accessed using submission parameter -q fast.q
  3. highpriority.q only for the privilidged, includes all nodes and causes all other jobs to be suspended whilst the high priority users jobs are executed
  4. slow.q hasn't been implemented yet but will be just the old gere nodes. Accessed using subimssion parameter -q slow.q

Queue Nodes Submission parameters
all.q ALL None (default)
fast.q Just buffy 2-1 through 2-6 -q fast.q
highpriority.q All nodes certain users only
slow.q All gere nodes -q slow.q

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