Transferring data to/from morecambe#

  • scp

From any networked machine:

Files scp myfile myusername@morecambe:~/
Directoriesscp -r mydir myusername@morecambe:~/

  • rsync

From any networked machine:

Files rsync -av -e "ssh " myfile morecambe:/home/myusername/
Directories rsync -rav -e "ssh " mydir morecambe:/home/myusername/

  • sftp

From morecambe

    mymachine> sftp myusername@morecambe
    mymachine> get  myfile

To morecambe

    morecambe1> sftp myusername@sonic 
    morecambe1> get  myfile
  • FTP client

  • Using FileZilla:
    Host: morecambe
    Username: as expected
    Password: as expected
    Port: 22

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