uniref100_filt: uniref100 from uniprot with pfilt applied. For metsite.

uniref90_filt : uniref90 from ebi with pfilt applied. Used for all the psipred services

uniref90_nofrag : uniref90 from ebi with frags removed (anything in the desc that says fragment), No pfilt applied. For Memsat and Memsatsvm

uniref90_PfamA : uniref90_nofrag with PfamA seqs added. An ancient legacy db for dompred that needs updating (but the latest uniref degrades performance). Could try embl_genomes + pfamA instead. This is currently in the /webdata/data/current/dompred dir should be moved once it is updated.


Updates the tdb in /webdata/data/tdb
runs auto_psisum, which generates the tdb files which in turn calls t-coffee

psichain.fasta - produced by auto_psisum
psichain.lst - produced by auto_psisum


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