The distributed set up for the webserver in full distributed form requires a minimum of 3 machines (possibly 4 depending on how you think about this). We are currently running with 8. The minimum set up requires a front end machine, a database machine and 1 backend processing machine. We additionally have a mount point on the the nfs for backend software that the front and backend nodes can see (in theory this could be on one of the machines) which we are not responsible for maintaining.

Frontend installation#

Follow the instruction in for package installation in the Single Instance setup guide as per the following

Basic Setup notes
Packages for the frontend machine

Backend installation#

The backend machines need all the same software as the frontend installed. However Tristan has a server image for the cluster that will spin up a new node already set up as needed with the relevant bioinfd user.

Packages for the frontend machine

Database installation#

Follow the instructions for the bioinf5 set up

bioinf5 setup

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