There's any number of ways you could go about this but essentially all your backend nodes and the frontend node need to be able to see an identically set up directory of software (the live system uses a mountpoint called /webdata) as per the software package installations list:

Software packages

The arduous way to do this would be to maintain identical copies of everything on every machine. Good luck with that. Instead, on bioinf4, bios1, bios2, bios3, bios4, bios5 and bios6 /webdata is in fact an nfs mount point that all the machines can see. You can add new software via bioinf4. Do remember to appropriately chmod any directories and executables. One thing to note is that /webdata/binaries/current/NewPredServer must contain the backend code (NewPredServer) that you want to run on your backend nodes (bios1-6) more on that later.

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