If you wish to link to our webpages using smart links our server webpages now provide a RESTful API for pre-filling forms. This is useful for webservers and meta-servers who wish to provide additional links for their users to our services. The API will allows external sites to link to our webpages and pre-fill some fields in the submission forms for users.

All servers can be linked using their base URI (e.g. http://bioinf.cs.ucl.ac.uk/psipred/). This will provide a blank form.

Additionally servers can be linked with the form prefilled:



It should be noted that only Opera supports prefilling the path to a file in a file upload form element, so the pdbFile options for metsite, hspred and make_tdb will only work for users using the Opera browser. The Psipred server has an additional field 'program' to preselect the analysis to be performed, valid types are: psipred, svmmemsat, mempack, genthreader, mgenthreader and domthreader. This sample URL shows the API in action


Additionally all services can have jobs submitted RESTfully with the appropriate form fields attached to the url in using each server's submit function (such as http://bioinf.cs.ucl.ac.uk/psipred/submit/)

an example is

All the appropriate form fields MUST be included for job submission to be succesful

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