There are two journal sessions per month. Papers are found using a combination of the two strategies below and are presented at each meeting, with the aim of an even distribution of papers discussed at each meeting per person.#


Bioinformatics Rui
PLoS Comp Biol Domenico
Proteins Daniel
BMC Bioinf Cen
PLoS One All
Sci Reports All

PNAS Domenico
Science/Nature Kevin/David
NAR Domenico
Nature Comm Sharmeen
Nature Methods Tanya
JMB Daniel
Curr Op Str Biol Sharmeen


Group MemberAuthorsKeywords/topics
David Jones Protein Structure, Membrane Proteins
Kevin Bryson Systems Biology
Domenico Cozzetto Tompa P, Dosztanyi D, Babu M, Forman-Kay J, Gibson T., Shields D, Edwards R, Cheng J, Xu J, Baldi P, Notredame C, Soding J, Eddy S, Edgar R, Bateman A, Friedberg I, Radivojac P, Brenner S, Ben-Hur A, Gough J, Tosatto S, Kihara D, van Djik A, Couto F, Noble WS, Morris Q, Troyanskaya O, Marcotte E, Komar, A, Tuller T, Ingolia N, Weissman J, Hurst, L, Frydman J, Plotkin J, Kidla G, Beckmann R Protein intrinsic disorder, Protein function prediction, Ribosome translation rates, Codon Usage
Rui Fa and Cen Wan The Brunak group at CBS-DTU, the Soding group at the ILM Munich (HH-suite), the Rost group at TUM Munich, the SBG group at Imperial College, the de Ridder group at Delft Bioinformatics Lab / Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (SPiCE), Eddy S, Tosatto S, Dunbrack R Bioinformatics tool development/Machine learning-based tools, Protein sequence-based features, Protein functional characterisation
Tanya Singh Baker, Weigt, Sander/Marks, Glofsson Protein Contact, Docling, CAPRI
Sharmeen Haque David Jones, Kevin Bryson, Christophe Dessimoz, Christine Orengo, Andrew Martin, Maya Topf, Janet Thornton, Paul Bates, Johannes Soding, Torsten Schwede, Andrej Sali, Mike Sternberg, Miguel Andrade, Bastiaan A van den Berg

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