List of current journal assignments

Principal Journals#

Journal People Week assignation
Plos Comp Biol Tim Journal A
Plos Comp Biol Charlie Journal A
Bioinf Tomasz Journal A
Bioinf Kevin Journal A
Nature & Proteins David Journal A
Science & Proteins David Journal B
Plos ONE Federico Journal B
Plos ONE Stuart Journal B
BMC Bioinf Domenico Journal B
BMC Bioinf Sharmeen Journal B

Secondary Journals#

Journal People Week assignation
Nat Comms & Nat Methods Sharmeen Journal A
Computational Biology and Chemistry & Molecular BioSystems Federico Journal A
Cell & Curr Op Struct Biol Stuart Journal A
Genome Biology & Genome Research Domenico Journal A
Protein Science Tim Journal B
NAR Kevin Journal B
PNAS Charlie Journal B
JMB Tomasz Journal B

Tertiary Journals#

Some other journals of interest are listed below. Feel free to add new journals to the list, preferably with a link and a comment. Or add further comments to these journals.

biorxiv "Pre-print server like, but for biology."
PEDS "In January 2004, the journal Protein Engineering was relaunched as Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, or PEDS. PEDS publishes research papers and review articles relevant to the engineering, design and selection of proteins for use in biotechnology and therapy, and for understanding fundamental properties of activity, stability, folding, misfolding and disease."
Structure "Structure publishes research articles and review material that focus on all aspects of structural biology."
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology "Nature Structural & Molecular Biology is an integrated forum for structural and molecular studies. The journal places a strong emphasis on functional and mechanistic understanding of how molecular components in a biological process work together. Structural data may provide such insights, but they are not a pre-requisite for publication in the journal."
Nature Biotechnology "The focus of the journal is biotechnology including research results and the commercial business sector of this field. Coverage includes the related biological, biomedical, agricultural and environmental sciences."
Nature Chemical Biology "...for the timely publication of significant new research at the interface between chemistry and biology"
Biology Direct "Biology Direct will encompass all aspects of biology, serving the life science research community."
Algorithms for Molecular Biology "Algorithms for Molecular Biology is ready to receive manuscripts on novel algorithms for biological sequence and structure analysis, phylogeny reconstruction, and combinatorial algorithms and machine learning."
Nature Molecular Systems Biology "Molecular Systems Biology covers all aspects of the rapidly growing and interdisciplinary field of systems biology at the molecular level."
Journal of Proteome Research"Provides content encompassing all aspects of systems-oriented, global protein analysis and function, emphasizing the synergy between physical and life sciences resulting in a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of biological processes."
OMICS "Is the only peer-reviewed journal to span all the OMICS-es to date, including: genomics (the quantitative study of genes, regulatory and non-coding sequences), transcriptomics (RNA and gene expression), proteomics (protein expression), metabolomics (metabolites and metabolic networks)"
Proteomics "PROTEOMICS is the premier international source for information on all aspects of applications and technologies in proteomics. "
BMC Structural Biology "BMC Structural Biology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in investigations into the structure of biological macromolecules, including solving structures, structural and functional analyses, and computational modeling."
Journal of Structural Biology "The Journal of Structural Biology publishes papers dealing with the structural analysis of living material at every level of organization by all methods that lead to an understanding of biological function in terms of molecular and supermolecular structure."

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