The UCL Bioinformatics Unit Group Forum (BugF) meets weekly - usually on Thursdays at 12 noon.

The first and third meetings each month are usually "journal sessions", where everyone is expected to briefly describe the most interesting papers in recent issues of the journals to which they have been assigned. The current list of journal assignments is on the Journal Session page.

The second meeting is a Group Update - please refer to the Group Update Sessions page.

The remaining meetings each month have two different people, one presenting a paper or their own work, and one chairing the meeting. The talks should summarise the paper(s) and provide a critical assessment. The chair should run the session, ensuring the speakers are prepared and the projector is working, and should also bring some nice food. This is very important: doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, fruit and chocolates are all welcome, though variety is the spice of life. Slides should be uploaded onto and can be found at the Paper Presentations page or Research Presentations page.

The list of chairs and corresponding speakers is on the WeeklySchedule page. If you cannot make an allocated slot, please switch with someone else and update the page accordingly. Please also update the page with details of papers that you plan to present at least a few days before the meeting, so that others can read them in advance.

Several pages on this Wiki have not been modified in a while... feel free to correct any inaccuracies you may spot!

There is also a list of RecommendedPapers - these are mostly papers that people have mentioned in the monthly journal meetings. Feel free to add anything that you've found interesting, and that others may want to read, as well as any comments to those papers listed.

You can find a list of bioinformatics Seminars held at UCL.


This is a new Wiki version of the BugF home pages. The main feature of Wiki resources is that anyone can edit the pages. Just click the 'editPage' link near the top of the page, and get typing! This is especially important for the PaperList page, which lists the papers that people will be talking about at the meetings. You can update this page yourself, when you decide which papers you are going to present. Or you could add your comments, or links to other related papers.

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