This targets appears to have phospatase activity, though not explicitly reported in the Swissprot entry. The potential catalytic residues Asn13, Asp188, Asn190, Asp271 and His299 are identically conserved with respect to 1akoA0, which is manually annotated in CSA. The binding site could include Ser145, Gly146, Asn147, Arg192, Tyr242, Arg243 and Asn265, most of which are very well conserved with respect to positions in 1i9zA0 - in complex with inositol (1,4)-bisphosphate. Finally, the target activity could be Mg dependent, based on Pfam annotations. The consensus from templates bound to divalent cations is Gly15 and Glu54 - the former replacing an Asn and the latter being identically conserved.

AUTHOR 7656-5034-1890
REMARK Sequence consensus of contacts between homologous structures and ligands
METHOD pGenTHREADER and PDBSum and CSA data mining.
Binding site: 13, 15, 54, 145, 146, 147, 188, 190, 192, 242, 243, 265, 271, 299

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