Single Instance setup#

The Following notes give you installation instructions for the web server front and backends. You should be able to work through these from top to bottom and be left with a working instance of the webserver.

Machine Set Up notes

NewPred Packages

NewPred Server Software Packages

Starting a single instance webserver

Sample default configurations

Distributed Setup#

Distributed package installation

Distributed software installation

bioinf5 notes

Machine Notes

Starting NewPred-Bioserf elsewhere

Some notes on the current live installation of NewPred/BioSerf#

Bioinf4 installation notes

Cron jobs running on bioinf4

Tinkering with the live server, plus how to start and stop it and do a little trouble shooting.#

Administrator Notes

OMG something is wrong with the server what should I do? (Troubleshooting notes)

Disaster recovery

Notes for writing new job types for the server#

Application Architecture

Adding a New Analysis Type

New Server Notes

Making a New Server Live


Bioinformatics Webservices

Smart linking API#

Instructions for building smart links

Known Bugs & TODOS#

Bugs & TODOs

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